Thursday, May 1, 2008

End is near...

Another paper down...only one more to go for the semester. The next few days will be reading a book, writing one more paper and preparing for a week of take over. I am helping with our history honor society's book drive next, and as the incoming president, I have lots of paperwork to make sure that we have a chapter next week.
Of course, this is all on top of a large pile of papers that my students turned in. All must be graded before they take their final on Monday. After next Thursday, my summer officially begins and I can sit back with the baby, move houses, complete a directed readings in Modern British history, Colonial American history, and study for my Italian language exam.

Baby Mia, Bentley the crazy schnauzer and I are currenlty all in our big bed enjoying the cool breeze from the windows. Living in OK, we get really cool nights. Tonight the wind is really up. All around us tornadoes have been touching down all night. Luckily our town has been safe, not even a single drop of hail. (knock on wood!) We've been enjoying the breeze, Mia's occasional coos and the sounds of jazz from the radio. I love listening to the radio at night. Just one lamp on in the room. No other sounds but the radio...nothing ever catchy or with lyrics-either classical or jazz. Its so relaxing.

In totally opposite news, but something on my mind...I watched Oprah today, which I don't do all that often. But my trusty friend TiVo recorded it for me because the cast of Sex & the City were on talking about the new movie. The girls remind me of my Texas girlfriends...our great nights out, our love of this fabulous little wine-bar called La Diosa...Oh, how I miss my girls. Dave offered to take me to the movie. (We haven't seen a movie out since Harry Potter came out last summer!) I told him I would see it a second time with him, but he doesn't understand that's a girls-night movie...with cosmopolitans, your cutest outfits, and excellent gossip!

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