Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pears and real estate....

Another really fun day of grocery shopping. Since I had not bought food in a couple of weeks, we were getting down to the absolute last straw! So after dropping off Baby Mia at MDO, I sat out on my journey. I ended up spending exactly 100 b/w three stores, but I saved $87. Usually I would cringe at spending a hundred, but Baby Mia is now on food other than cereal and needed formula. Mia LOVES the pears!
Some of the big purchases today including 2 4lb bags of chicken, ground beef, pork loin, chicken stock, bottled water, and pasta. With all of these big items, I'm not feeling so guilty about the extra cash, and I was able to get three bags of various goods for the church pantry. Consequently, I'm going to be in charge of our church's pantry this summer since the lady who usually runs it is going back to school. I'm quite excited!
Later today I'm viewing a few houses that we are looking to rent. We have completely outgrown our apartment. Hopefully they will be as cute on the inside as they are on the outside.

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Summer said...

You do have one of those bobo chairs or whatever they are called. Is that working better?