Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still shopping

Shopping truly is a great therapy. I decided that while I had the baby at MDO, I was going to shop for the next few weeks. So I hit up CVS, Walgreens and Homeland. I did fairly well. I got everything below for $30. (Not pictured a 24 pack of Dasani Water, Organic Bacon, Organic Sausage, Gallon of Organic Milk, 2 2lb packages of Sargento Shredded Cheese, and assorted fruit.)

**For those of you who live near a Homeland, go and buy 10 32 oz Powerades, and get the 24 pack of Dasani free!** The Powerades are on sale anyway for 70 cents. Use as many of the 75 cent off Poweade coupons as you can. If you use your Homeland One card, you only need to use 5 coupons, since they will double all coupons up to $1. This way, you can save coupons and actually get overage!! All of my powerades below were free!!

Also for OK people, Homeland is have a dollar sale on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. You can get all of the following for a dollar, but only on F-Sunday.

Little Debbie Snack Cakes

Hilland Fruit Drinks

Michelina's Frozen Dinners

Banquet Frozen Dinners

Kellogg's Cereal (Including Smart Start!!-Use Coupons and get 2 for free!)

Tomatoes (1 per pound)

Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Cups


Chex Mis

Speed Stick

Ivory Soap

Ozarka 3 Liter Jugs of Water

In Loving Memory of a Good Horse....

Today my Grandad's horse died. Growing up in West Texas, we take our horses very seriously. My Grandad loved his horse. Her name was Esperanza, but he couldn't pronounce it, so he called her "Mare." Mare was old when I was a child. She turned 32 this year--very old for a horse. She was incredilby gentle and great with kids.

After my Grandad passed away three years ago, Mare became very depressed. (Yes, horses can get depressed.) It took my dad a few months to get her weight back up and going strong again.

Because she's got so weak, no one has ridden her in three years. The last time she was rode was the day my Grandad passed away. He went out and worked on the farm and rode her around.
Late yesterday night, she had a stroke. It impaired her jaw so badly that she couldn't even close it. So she had to be put down. Fairly traumatic for our little family due to our love for her and knowing how much Grandad loved her. My dad buried her in the pasture under some pretty trees. She wa such a great horse....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today my first free samples arrived. Our freebies today included a booklet of free Johnson & Johnson coupons, Crystal Lite samples and coupons, and a sample of Gourmet Folgers Coffee. Very exciting stuff! I am hoping more will continue to grace the mailbox.

I get most of my free samples from here. Her blog is great & gives all the places you can find great samples, more coupons, and free stuff in general for families.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy weeks...

The family is sleeping and for some reason I can not. Thought I'd update a bit. We have been so ridiculously busy. We had to make another quick trip to Texas, built a bookcase, stained a bookcase, did lots of work at the church's food pantry, cleaned the house, laundry, the works. We are now in the hunt for a new sofa. I have a couple of stores to check out tomorrow. I found one on that I adore! I love that store so much with its $1 shipping & handling.

Mia went through a serious Nana & Papaw "detox" today. She had the weekend of being surrounded by grandparents, great-grandparents and great-aunts and cousins. This weekend we discovered her love of my old Steve Urkell doll. She played with it for hours. We even had to take it to church with us. Oh the looks we got as little Mia hugged and hauled around that doll!!

Mia is now 7 months. The time has flown by. From the tiny baby,she's now 20 lbs and 28 inches! She's waving, clapping for herself, saying "Momma," "Da-da," "Hi," "Bye," "Ba-Ba" (Which Means bottle) & best of all- she's slapping people and then laughing hysterically.

Mia-1 day old

Mia at 7 Months

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Settling in..

We are slowly, too slowly for my tastes, settling in to the new house. I have most of the rooms decorated and set up. I'm not happy with the kitchen. I'm working on the pantry & the best place to put certain dishes and misc items. We had to go to Guthrie for Father's Day weekend to get my Washer & Dryer, big bookshelf & sofa out of storage. We also got a few extra things boxes we wanted. We're having a garage sale in a few weeks so some of the boxes will go towards the sale.

The sad news is that my bookshelf & sofa did not make the trip. They both started the trip, but one mile from Thalia, Mia & I were almost accosted as I saw the two flying back at me. Dave was able to fix the bookshelf, but my beautiful (and fairly new) sofa is totally ruined. It really broke my heart.

Even with the broken sofa, we had a really great weekend, and have to return this weekend to take back my Grandad's truck. David had a great first father's day. I along with Mia made him an adorable card and bought him a children's book called "I Loved My Daddy Because..." Mia also spent the day with her Papaw and Papaw Ben.
Mia put on quite a show for everyone. Showing off her new abilities.
This picture is my favorite. She looks so intent on what he's saying. My Memaw is battling Alzheimer's, but Mia is the constant that she always remembers.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

4 Years Together....

Today is our 4 year anniversary. My how time has absolutely flown by... If someone would have told me 4 years ago that we would move out of Texas and be living in Oklahoma with a baby, I would have told them they were crazy.

So much has happened in the four years...
-4 degrees have been attained between the 2 of us
- 1 beautiful baby girl
-1 amazing trip to England
-4 moves (one out of state...)
-1 "real" job attained
-1 puppy picked up along the way for good measure
-2 "up-country" trips from Texas to Michigan to see Dave's family
- 6 DVD players...(that's the scary one!)
-2 new cars
-1 book read by Dave (Seriously...this is true)
-Books read by Ashley...hundreds (I wish this was a joke)
-Thousands of great dinners, meals with families and friends
-Millions- occasions where we look at each other and burst out in laughter

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh the move..

The move is complete. Mia room is totally complete. Our bedroom is almost done as is the kitchen and living. We are headed to Guthrie this weekend for Father's Day and to pick up our Washer, Dryer, big sofa and bookshelves. We still have the office and the closets.

Yesterday I just had to get out and do something that didn't involve changing diapers or unpacking. So I went and did our weekly grocery shopping. My first stop was CVS. The diaper sale was awesome..walked out with 2 jumbo packs of diapers, Huggies baby wash and some dish washing liquid & paid only the tax (2.00 even) and got $2 back in ECB. Then to Walgreens where I got shampoo, 2 toothbrushes, 3 toothpastes, All Small & Mighty Detergent, baby wipes, shaving gel, band aids, Hefty trash sacks, glade air freshner and toliet paper all for tax..(1.06) Then to Target. We needed shower curtain liners until I find curtains that I like. So I bought 2 liners (fabric...not plastic), raspberries, romaine lettuce, bread, chicken, eggs, milk, lots of cheese, and other misc. stuff for $25...I had a $10 gift it was only 15!

Our pantries are getting stockpiled with wonderful goodies! Oh, and this week, baby Mia has started saying "Momma!" So cute!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Posting at Panera

We don't have internet yet..hopefully we'll have it soon. The move is over...yet not everything is properly put away yet. We're supposed to get internet sometime today...I feel like I've been without it forever...but its only been three days!

More posts and pictures to come....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Moving is hard on babies...

The move is FINALLY underway. After more weirdness with the lease & my Jeep getting hit as we left Target, we now have keys are in moving mode. So Dave and I have been doing a few loads in our cars. Last night Baby Mia and I went to the new house. She played on her pallet while I cleaned and got cabinets ready. Today and tomorrow we move the big items. Mia is going to stay with one of the ladies from church and Bentley is going to "puppy camp" while we move.

So, here are some pictures from the move thus far...

She loves this creepy doll. Dave also once gave her this towel to play with and it has become one of her security blankets...Who knows what she'll want next

Baby Mia on her pallet in the new house. She's got all the things she needed. Later we had our first meal in the new place.
While we were moving, Dave decided to let Mia try drinking from a cup for the first time. The first try ended with a little spillage--then she just licked the cup. She did drink a bit though.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Move is Near

We Start Moving In Tomorrow!!!! We're meeting to finish with the lease signing & then we can start the move in process! Although we won't move the big furniture until the weekend, I'm going to move with Mia at MDO. This week just happens to be the week that Dave signed up to mow our church's lawn, so he'll be MIA in the evenings and during the day...but by the weekend-we'll be in!

This is the new digs---We are the one on the left, but you get the idea.
View from living room into dinette, kitchen and backyard. Dinette is small but its something!

View of the kitchen. Across from the fridge is a floor to ceiling pantry...Praise Jesus!! I am so excited about the pantry. All new appliances..yay!! **I will put up more pictures as we move everything in...**

So, I bought the comforter below at in April- but thought I'd finally put up the picture. I purchased it at Target for $39! I had a beautiful Pottery Barn white wedding, but between puppy and Hubby...mainly hubby--it was not to be...So I told Dave that if I couldn't have my beautiful all-white bedding, I wanted robin's egg blue and chocolate brown. Luckily we found it. For anyone else who loves the blue/brown combo--go here. This site really does have just about anything you can imagine in the color combo!