Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Settling in..

We are slowly, too slowly for my tastes, settling in to the new house. I have most of the rooms decorated and set up. I'm not happy with the kitchen. I'm working on the pantry & the best place to put certain dishes and misc items. We had to go to Guthrie for Father's Day weekend to get my Washer & Dryer, big bookshelf & sofa out of storage. We also got a few extra things boxes we wanted. We're having a garage sale in a few weeks so some of the boxes will go towards the sale.

The sad news is that my bookshelf & sofa did not make the trip. They both started the trip, but one mile from Thalia, Mia & I were almost accosted as I saw the two flying back at me. Dave was able to fix the bookshelf, but my beautiful (and fairly new) sofa is totally ruined. It really broke my heart.

Even with the broken sofa, we had a really great weekend, and have to return this weekend to take back my Grandad's truck. David had a great first father's day. I along with Mia made him an adorable card and bought him a children's book called "I Loved My Daddy Because..." Mia also spent the day with her Papaw and Papaw Ben.
Mia put on quite a show for everyone. Showing off her new abilities.
This picture is my favorite. She looks so intent on what he's saying. My Memaw is battling Alzheimer's, but Mia is the constant that she always remembers.

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