Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In Loving Memory of a Good Horse....

Today my Grandad's horse died. Growing up in West Texas, we take our horses very seriously. My Grandad loved his horse. Her name was Esperanza, but he couldn't pronounce it, so he called her "Mare." Mare was old when I was a child. She turned 32 this year--very old for a horse. She was incredilby gentle and great with kids.

After my Grandad passed away three years ago, Mare became very depressed. (Yes, horses can get depressed.) It took my dad a few months to get her weight back up and going strong again.

Because she's got so weak, no one has ridden her in three years. The last time she was rode was the day my Grandad passed away. He went out and worked on the farm and rode her around.
Late yesterday night, she had a stroke. It impaired her jaw so badly that she couldn't even close it. So she had to be put down. Fairly traumatic for our little family due to our love for her and knowing how much Grandad loved her. My dad buried her in the pasture under some pretty trees. She wa such a great horse....

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