Friday, August 29, 2008

So much to catch up on

I have been so incredibly busy. Here are a few of the crazy highlights from the last few weeks:
- Baby Mia started crawling with new fervor
- Mia learned to say "No!" (usually yells it at the dog, and then bursts into fits of laughter)
- Took the family for a small day trip out to the Pawnee Bill Ranch
- So many car problems with the hubby's car---it has been awful since we got it!
- I got some ridiculous summer Flu
- I went on a 4 day weekend trip with just my girls to Fort Worth to museum hop and hit up the fabulous stores (including Williams & Sonoma, Central Market, World Market, Crate & Barrel & Ikea!) --I will blog later of my fabulous deals and just how amazing the trip was!

We are leaving again in a matter of hours to do one last trip to Texas for the next few weeks and celebrate my birthday with my family. We are also calling in a certain family member who has the hook-up on the car front. So the hubby is getting a new car tomorrow.

This is a picture of Miss Mia eating some yummy peaches at her first picnic at the Pawnee Bill Ranch in Pawnee, OK.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I love Free Stuff!

So I went off to do some shopping today and I got everything above for $6. (After Rebates and ECBs)

18 Suave Shampoos
2 Dove Shampoos & Conditioners
2 Pert Plus 2in1
2 Glade Air Fresheners
4 Cover Girl Foundations
1 Dove Skin Revitalizer

I'm not keeping the Pert Plus or the Suave shampoos--I bought them to donate to our church's food pantry. I'm very excited about using the Skin Revitalizer!

Monday, August 18, 2008

FREE Venus Embrace Razor

Get Your FREE Razor!

Be one of the first 500 to fill out a form and you'll get a FREE Venus Embrace Razor. This is the razor I use everyday, and it is Fabulous! This isn't a survey, it is a simple, type in your address and check whether you would or wouldn't like to get other offers! How simple is that?

Good Deals This Week

I'm grocery shopping early this week since I'm going on a girl's weekend on Thursday. Thus, I need to get a few dinners made and frozen so the hubby will have something to eat.

Pert Plus Shampoo- 3.79 (3.79 Easy Saver Catalogue & $2 Man. Q) = Free plus overage after Rebate
Dove Shampoo- 2.49 ($2 Man Q) = .49 cents
General Mills Cereal- 1.99 ($1 off 2 or .75 off 1)= price varies depending on coupon
Jiffy Muffin Mix- .39 (with Walgr. Q) ---will donate to food pantry
Pork & Beans- .39 (with Walg. Q)

Dove Skin Revitalizer- 9.99 (3 ECB & 3.50 Man Q) = 3.49 after ECB
HP Printer Paper- 2.77 ( I have a Q somewhere for it, but I'm trying to find it!)
Glade Air Freshner- .88 ($1 off 2 & BOGOF)= .06 each
Schick Quattro for Men- 7.99 (5 ECB & 4 Man Q)= 1.01 Overage!

Sauve Shampoo- .89 (using $2 off 3, $1 off 2, & .50 off 1--buying 18)=5.20 (.28 each) ---donating all to church food pantry...we're really low on shampoo

Homeland Freebies:
Farmland Sausage- 1.50 ($1 Man. Q--q doubles)= .50 overage
Peter Pan Peanut Butter- 1.39 ($1 Man Q- q doubles)= .61 overage
Sun Maid Raisins (6 packs or Bag of mini-snacks)- 2/3 ($1 off 2 Man. Q- q doubles) = .50 each

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our little model

Although I am becoming more and more frugal, I seem to not be able to help myself when a cute deal for Baby Mia comes along. We decided to take her pictures in this ridiculously expensive dress for a small girl. However, we bought a much bigger size so that she could also wear it through Christmas. (Such a West Texas tradition to dress your small children like mini-adults for Christmas!)

My sister-in-law found the dress for Mia & they had another one for girls my niece's age (which is 9 going on 22). So the kids all came up to get their pictures made in the matching outfits. We walked around the OU campus all morning to find great spots for photos. I am so pleased with how the all turned out!!

She couldn't take any more pictures. What a mean mommy who takes pictures of her crying baby! = )

Free Olay Body Wash

Be one of the first 500 to get a Free Full-Size Olay Body Wash plus Spa Exfoliating Ribbons.

Hurry to make sure you get one too!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do you love coupons?

If you do, here is a great site for you to get $74 worth of P&G coupons! You have to take a short survey (took me about 5 minutes). They want to know what products you use and how you feel about them. Then P&G will send you by mail the coupons! Easy way to get free coupons!

Monday, August 11, 2008

One of those days...

We had a fantastic weekend--one of the best since we have lived in Oklahoma. Saturday we took Mia to the zoo for the first time. She laughed and squawked at the animals, hit the aquariums with delight, and waved and said "bye-bye" to every person we met! (We also met a fellow baby named Mia!) Sunday we had a wonderful day with our church family and watching the Olympics. I should have known that all good things must come to an end.

Today started off with lighting hitting the field behind our house! A jolt that shook the house at 6 am is a very big "good morning" alarm. I finally fell back asleep only to be awoken at 6;30 with the hubby leaving for work and a very big migraine awaiting me. Luckily (if a migraine can be lucky) I had an awful migraine about two months ago that sent me to the doctor, thus I had a strong pain killer that knocked that out. But migraines, even when they are over drain me.

After feeding the baby breakfast, I abandoned all hope of being overly productive, so she and I hung out on her pallet on the floor. Then I see "the face." Moms will know the face, that is always followed too closely by "the sounds," then the "smells"---then "the results." When all was said and done, I had to wash one little red Polo dress of Mia's, my outfit, a changing pad cover, a blanket, and finally a baby.

After all the poo-issues I thought I'd be a good wife and prepare dinner for when the hubby arrived. So I went to the kitchen to start making pizza dough. I reach for the olive oil, it slips from my hand, and the entire bottle and contents fall and crash into one thousand pieces in ultimate slow-motion. For the next 40 minutes I swept, mopped and re-mopped the kitchen floors. (This is so the reason why no one puts carpet in a kitchen!) When I thought I had gotten it all, I, or rather my big toe, found a shard of glass---OUCH! Then I did the whole process again, even getting the vacuum in on the action to be safe. A process that takes me 15 minutes on the worst days took me over an hour! But we will have pizza---but at what cost? (Just my sanity!)

I love this picture--I would like to think that I can portray an effective martyr when need be, but I think my West Texas girl anger and loud mouth too often get in the way...But I totally have this ladies "I'm such a martyr" inner monologue today!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Want a $5 CVS giftcard?

Centsible Savings is having a giveaway.

I've encouraged so many people to start "CVSing", but there's always that initial out-of-pocket cost. So I'm going to get you started with a $5.00 giftcard! (Don't worry if you're already a "CVSer"; you're allowed to enter too!) To enter, leave me a comment letting me know you'd like to try your hand at the art of "CVSing". If you're an old hat, tell us about your CVS savings to help encourage those who still haven't jumped on the bandwagon! Post the giveaway on your blog for a second entry. (Just leave a 2nd comment letting me know you posted.) If you don't have a blog, tell (or email) 3 people about this giveaway, and I'll enter you a second time too! (Leave a 2nd comment telling me who you told [sister, aunt, friend]). Please make sure I have a way to contact you.
I'll be randomly picking a winner next Saturday, August 9!

Greet way to get started if you haven't started CVSing or if you need some extra "pay the taxes" cash!

Freebies at Homeland

With in-laws from all directions coming at us this weekend, I had to hit the grocery stores. I got everything above for FREE!
The above pic is:
3 Skintamates
4 Old Spice Deoderants
2 Colgate Total
1 Coffee Mate
24 pack of Dasani Water
10 Poweades
1 Luzianne Tea (24 bag)

How did I do it? Homeland had their crazy dollar days.
Skintamates (1.50 on sale- Used .75 coupon (doubled to 1.50) Making it Free
Old Spice Deoderants ($1 on sale- Used 1 off 2 coupon (doubled to 2 off 2) Making 2 free with 1 coupon
Colgate Total (On Sale for 2- Used 1 off coupons, (doubled) Making it Free
Coffee Mate- On Sale for 1.50- Used 1 off coupon (doubled) Making it Free, plus overage
Dasani- Free with purchase of 10 powerades (Homeland display coupon)
Poweades- On Sale for 73 cents- used 5 dollar off coupons- doubled- Making 10 free plus overage
Luzianne Tea- On Sale for $1- Used .75 off coupon (Doubled) Making it Free plus overage!

Thus the above picture they paid me to buy it all! I love it when that happens.