Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our little model

Although I am becoming more and more frugal, I seem to not be able to help myself when a cute deal for Baby Mia comes along. We decided to take her pictures in this ridiculously expensive dress for a small girl. However, we bought a much bigger size so that she could also wear it through Christmas. (Such a West Texas tradition to dress your small children like mini-adults for Christmas!)

My sister-in-law found the dress for Mia & they had another one for girls my niece's age (which is 9 going on 22). So the kids all came up to get their pictures made in the matching outfits. We walked around the OU campus all morning to find great spots for photos. I am so pleased with how the all turned out!!

She couldn't take any more pictures. What a mean mommy who takes pictures of her crying baby! = )

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