Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Freebies at Homeland

With in-laws from all directions coming at us this weekend, I had to hit the grocery stores. I got everything above for FREE!
The above pic is:
3 Skintamates
4 Old Spice Deoderants
2 Colgate Total
1 Coffee Mate
24 pack of Dasani Water
10 Poweades
1 Luzianne Tea (24 bag)

How did I do it? Homeland had their crazy dollar days.
Skintamates (1.50 on sale- Used .75 coupon (doubled to 1.50) Making it Free
Old Spice Deoderants ($1 on sale- Used 1 off 2 coupon (doubled to 2 off 2) Making 2 free with 1 coupon
Colgate Total (On Sale for 2- Used 1 off coupons, (doubled) Making it Free
Coffee Mate- On Sale for 1.50- Used 1 off coupon (doubled) Making it Free, plus overage
Dasani- Free with purchase of 10 powerades (Homeland display coupon)
Poweades- On Sale for 73 cents- used 5 dollar off coupons- doubled- Making 10 free plus overage
Luzianne Tea- On Sale for $1- Used .75 off coupon (Doubled) Making it Free plus overage!

Thus the above picture they paid me to buy it all! I love it when that happens.

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