Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Entertaining Baby

Yesterday afternoon in the midst of my writing frenzy, I heard my baby girl waking from her nap in a VERY cranky fashion. I go into find...let's just say a really bad mess. After I stripped baby and bed of "the mess" I promptly sat her in a bath of bubbles. She loved it! Seriously played in the bubbles for almost a half hour. I had to take her out--but she loved it! She played with her ducks, played with spoons and cups.

Miss Mia also played with the puppy most of the day. They were fighting over a rubber ducky. Bentley really wanted the duck and tried to steal it every chance he could. Miss Mia took the duck and hit him over the head with it.

She really enjoyed her adventurous day!

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lfhcreative said...

Oh no! Not "the" crib mess! Was it puke or poo? We have only had puke, but it was avocado puke and it was pretty bad. I am very thankful Moo has not "painted" his crib with the contents of his diaper yet like many of his little friends have. Gross!