Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!!

We have had such a fabulous day! Baby Mia slept in this morning, which led to us getting to sleep in until 9! It was heavenly. The morning went so well. Since we had no schedule, I let her "play" with her food a bit.

She had such a great time! It took me a while to get everything off of baby and high chair! It's good for her motor skills to just play and get messy every once and a while!

After breakfast and cleanup was over, we decided to play outside before it got too warm. We sat up Mia's baby pool--and she LOVED it! She splashed around in her little bikini, hat, and sunglasses! What a little ham she is!

She's such a water baby!!!

We played outside for almost an hour. Then we came in, took a bath, and then she went down for a much needed nap. Dave and I cooked out for lunch! Tonight we're going for a picnic in the park and then watching all the fireworks. I have a feeling Miss Priss will sleep through all the commotion!

Happy Fourth of July All!!

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