Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun at CVS & Walgreens

Just got back from a CVS & Walgreens. I went over my budget of $15--but I also had the hubby and baby with me. Now, the baby was sweet, but the hubby threw a few extra things in the basket. So we got everything above for $20. (Plus, we have 4 dollars in ECB and RR to use next time!)

Here's how it broke down...
At Walgreens:
Pledge Aerosol were 2/6 (additional 2 RR)
-Bought two, got the 2 RR, and had a coupon for buy one Pledge aerosol, get any Pledge Product free. (Thus the two above Pledge Multi-wipes were FREE!!
-Sure Deodorant for .50
-Gillette Shaving Gel- .75
-Walgreens Activity Book- .99 (Great book if you have small kids--even better for no kids--over 22 in Walgreens Coupons!

-2, 2in1 Gillette Body Washes (used coupons to get each for $1)
-Huggies 160 Wipes (Combined 1.50 coupon with CVS coupon= 2.50)
-Pampers Jumbo Pack of Diapers (on sale for 8.99- combined manufacturer's and CVS coupons to get for $5)
-28 count of Always Pads & 16 count Always Pads (THIS was the steal--the 16 count were on sale for 2.99-I had a coupon for buy a 28 count or larger and get a 16 count free. The clerk read it wrong and gave me the 28 count for free--so I paid 2.99 for both!!!) I tried to correct her, but she said it was already done, and thanks for the honesty.
-2 Dawn Soaps (Buy 2 and get $1 RR, use 1.00 off 1 coupons, and get all for free--thus CVS pays you to buy the soap!)
-2 packs of 2-D batteries. (On sale for 2.99, used 2 .75 off coupons)
-2 flashlights came with 4 D batteries- on sale for all of it for 3.25
-Small Spiral (On sale for .35) Needed a new one for my price book!

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