Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3 days, 800 Miles, 1000 Laughs, 1 Million Pounds of Salsa

**Note: This picture was not taking whilst driving---we were waiting for her grandparents and great-grandmother to stop talking after church. She thought she was quite big getting to sit in Nana's chair by herself!**

What a weekend we had! We drove down to Texas late Thursday night and came home late Sunday night. Lots of driving in a very short timespan. We spent so much time with our family and closest friends. I got to have a great chat with my old chairman...We ate so much yummy Mexican food I my skin might be turning red from "excessive salsa intake!"

There is far too much to write about our jammed-packed days, but here are the highlights:
-Went to one of my oldest friend's wedding. (I've known her since I was two. We saw so many old friends---and Miss Mia wore a very pretty dress!)
-Miss Mia spent quality time with her godmother and got a really cute King County dress--the above dress as a matter of fact.
-Did I mention we ate lots of Mexican food?
-We celebrated my Grandmommie's 75th birthday!
-Spent relaxing hours on the farm with my parents.
-Shopped at World Market! =)
-Ate some yummy Feta-ball concoction that a fabulous friend made
-I watched one of the best documentaries ever!
-Hubby went off and played hours of Wii & Rockband
-Saw that my child truly has her mother's dramatic undertones

We are all quite tired. I have lots of laundry to do and a house that truly needs cleaning.

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lfhcreative said...

That is a seriously cute little girl, the little dress is precious too. I was thinking it was from gymborree or gap! It sounds like ya'll had a great time being enveloped in west Texas culture. :) Next time you are around you should drop by!