Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Coming up for air!

Hello all!

I have been so incredibly busy that I am just now coming up for fresh air. I have also been so busy that I only get on the computer once a day. Here's is a brief rundown of what's going on in my insane world:

1) Taking care of baby & hubby (enough said)
2) Still unpacking and getting ready for company that's coming to stay for almost a week
3) Working on all the church happenings (Food pantry, School Supply Giveaway, etc.)
4) Buying a new couch! (Yay!)
5) Studying like a mad woman for my Italian exam!! (Siete impressionato con la mia grande grammatica italiana?)
6) Finishing up my last bit of work from the semester I had to take off to have the baby.
7) Finishing up my summer reading list for my Modern British prof
8) Recruiting, planning, and organizing fund raisers, lectures, and recruitment days for the History Honors Society.
9) Trying to work out all the other "kinks" in my book deal with Texas Tech University Press
10) Trying to survive....

I'm exhausted just writing it!! But that is, in an exhaustive nutshell, all that I am doing.

Along the way, however, I'm beginning to lose my mind a bit. For example two nights ago we had a cookout at some friends house and I left my Tech graduation ring there! Sunday I left my wallet at Carinos! Oh yeah, I'm losing it!
The good news is that I'm getting I semi-break in the future. A girl from my hometown is getting married in mid-July and we're taking a LONG weekend to go to the wedding and see all of our Lubbock friends!! I can hardly contain my excitement! I get to see my girlfriends (Mia's "Aunts"), my old chair, some family, and the assorted motley crew of others that I miss so dearly!

I do promise to post some new pics of the new house soon. Every room is done but the garage and office. I am in desperate need of new curtains, which is my new goal. I am currently perusing all the ads looking for something I like. I'm also looking for area rugs--we need some new ones.

In some pretty crappy news, I got my assignment for teaching in the fall and its World War II--yuck! Not only that but it is a Monday at 8:30 am--double yuck (not sure if I can do that.) Thus, Baby Mia will have to be in MDO 5 days a week b/c I'm auditing a class for my Comprehensive Exams on Tuesdays and Thursday. Thus---MDO is going to be crazy expensive!

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