Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I should be packing...but I'm shopping instead!

We're leaving for a mini-vacation tomorrow evening and I really should be packing. I just couldn't leave town without hitting two more sales. I wanted to go back once more to Target to hit the good spiral deal and thought I'd peruse the other sales without hubby and baby in tow. Also, our local grocery store was having a two-day sale- so I just had to take advantage. The above picture cost me 35. At Target I didn't spend anything due to coupons and a gift card I had left over from buying razors a few months ago. (I actually just found it in an old purse! I love when that happens!) At Homeland I spent the 35, but saved 81.53! If you are near a Homeland, be sure to take advantage of the great sales!

Schick Razors- 4.99 (Use BOGOF & 2.00 off to get 2 for 2.99)
Pencils-35 (limit 4 packs)
Bic Pens- .50 (limit 4 packs)
Glue & Glue Sticks- .25 (Limit 4 each)
Paper-.50 (Limit 4)
Crayons- .25 (Limit 4)
Brawny- 3.50 (Use 1 off coupon, which doubles=1.50 for 4 pack)
Eskimo Ice Cream Bars- 2 ( Use 1 off coupon, doubles= FREE!)--The BEST kind of Ice Cream
Electrosal Tablets- 2.99 (Use 2.50 off coupons= .49!)
Colgates=1.66 (use .75 off which doubles= .16)
Luzianne Tea-1.25 (use the .75 coupon off 2, doubled= .50 each)
Water was $1, Margarine Tub was 1.67, Margarine Sticks were .36
Sweater was $4 at Target
Also stocked up on French Vanilla Puddings--they were only .20 cents a piece...had to get some since I'm about to be making 3 batches of my banana pudding!
Red Plum Jelly-1.05...what kind of West Texas girl would I be if we didn't stock up on Red Plum Jelly!!?!!

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