Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Little Diva

Baby Mia is my little Diva! She's showing off her newest Sunday dress, which we got for free! Yay for purchasing cute dresses from Target with free gift cards! With three teeth coming in at the same time, she's learning how to use her beautiful single tears to her advantage. She has also started learning to make this precious pouty face where her bottom lip drags the floor and quivers. Her problem is that sometimes the face makes her giggle---then the gig is up!

Some of our wonderful friends are having a baby. She contacted me to see if you can do a nursery for under $1000. I promised her it was possible. We got so lucky b/c a lot of ours came from our fabulous baby shower. Even without the shower, however, we would have come in under budget.

My view every morning as I come in to get the baby. All the art work in the room was painted by my hubby. The picture of Noah's Ark in the corner, was drawn in his Sunday School class when he was 6. Apparently he was in a belly button phase---all the animals, even the giraffe have belly buttons. We also made the mirror. Found a great mirror for pennies, found an all black frame for pennies as well--and then bought small bumble bees and hives to make it look less stark.

The biggest expense was of course the crib. This is a Deborah's Stages crib. It converts into a toddler bed, a daybed, then becomes the headboard and foot board for a full size bed. The bed is usually about $350 but we paid $200. One thing I refused to do, however, was to buy one used. I felt really awkward about it. So we went to our local Once Upon A Child b/c they sell brand new furniture as well at discount prices. Her bumble bee bedding was a 15 piece set. Her fraternal grandparents bought it for her. I loved the cute "girly" bees. David made all the shelves--so much cheaper than buying pre-made ones. The checkerboard on the shelf was my Grandad's. I learned to play checkers on that board. Although you can't see it. The three dolls on the bottom are sitting on a wicker trunk. We got the trunk at Big Lots on sale for $5. It houses all of Mia's dozens of blankets and extra crib sheets!
Mia's changing table is an antique Henry Link dresser that I have used since I was 12. I didn't want to buy a changing table that we couldn't use anymore--so I used the dresser as the table to kill 2 birds with one stone. The glider was a present from my brother and sister-in-law. We had to start the stuffed animal hammock b/c she has soo many. My mom bought her the ABC quilt. All of the bees "flutter" around her room--it was an easy way to continue the theme for less than 3 dollars!

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