Thursday, July 3, 2008

4th of July Deals!!!

We had such a great shopping day today. Hubby came home 3 hours early today b/c no one else was around the office and his boss told him to start his holiday early! So we picked up the baby from MDO and went shopping!! I like to take him with once a month to prove that I can truly save. He is the worst to shop with b/c he always throws snacks and whatever else looks good into the cart. (And like my overgrown child, we have to hit every single sample stand, b/c he's hungry..etc.) Thus, shopping with him does take me usually a full hour longer, but its an hour together we don't always get.

So today was a new challenge. With the 4th of July upon us, and BBQ needing to happen we need lots of meat and propane (our tank was totally empty). The other part of my challenge was I was given the task of buying for others as well. The hubby said I had 100, for there was no way I could buy everything we needed, plus what was on others' lists too. I came in so far under budget that I was able to debit out $20 bucks and still didn't hit 100!!

So here's what all we did:
7.2 brisket
3-2lb ground beefs
2-Oscar Mayer all beef hot dogs
2-Sarah Lee hot dog buns
2-Sarah Lee whole wheat bread
2- 10 lbs. frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts
10- 32 oz. poweardes
24- Dasani 16oz.
4-Kraft Cheeses
2- Kraft Singles
1-Box of Mum Mum "crackers" (Baby's pick)
5lb- Vidalia Onions
10lb- Bag of Red Potatoes
2lb- Farmland Thick Sliced Bacon
2- 1 lb Ten. Pride Hot Sausage
2- 1lb bags of frozen corn
2- 24 packs of Coke
3- Pillsbury's Refrigerator Products
10- Yoplait yogurs
3- General Mills Cereals

I bought all of this for $60 and got 5 coupons back for Homeland. Not too bad--especially since I had no coupons for the meat!

Gallon of Milk- Only 2.99!!! (You can totally freeze milk! Just pour a bit out the top.)
Schick Intuition Razor- (On Sale 7.99, Manufacturer's Coupon- 4, Easy Saver Coupon - 2= $2)
Sure Deodorant ( On sale for 2.50, Easy Saver Coupon- $1, Manufacturer's Coupon- $1= $.50!)
I had a few Rewards bucks to use, so I paid $2 for the whole thing. But, it would have been under 6 anyway.

Hubby needed new propane for the grill. We exchanged tanks for $17--I had 10 in RR, thus it was $7.

3 places $70 bucks!! Happy 4th! We're off to Libertyfest tomorrow for parade, park picnic, and fireworks!

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Kama said...

Looks like some great deals. Thanks for sharing.