Friday, June 6, 2008

Moving is hard on babies...

The move is FINALLY underway. After more weirdness with the lease & my Jeep getting hit as we left Target, we now have keys are in moving mode. So Dave and I have been doing a few loads in our cars. Last night Baby Mia and I went to the new house. She played on her pallet while I cleaned and got cabinets ready. Today and tomorrow we move the big items. Mia is going to stay with one of the ladies from church and Bentley is going to "puppy camp" while we move.

So, here are some pictures from the move thus far...

She loves this creepy doll. Dave also once gave her this towel to play with and it has become one of her security blankets...Who knows what she'll want next

Baby Mia on her pallet in the new house. She's got all the things she needed. Later we had our first meal in the new place.
While we were moving, Dave decided to let Mia try drinking from a cup for the first time. The first try ended with a little spillage--then she just licked the cup. She did drink a bit though.

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