Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tips for shopping at Warehouse Stores

I never watch the Rachel Ray show...I feel that she needs the editing that only the Food Network can give her.

So, today on the show she had a guy on the show telling how to save money at big warehouse stores like Sam's Club and Costco. Some of the tips were really great. Here's what they said:

Look for the codes. Knowing the warehouse clubs' secret pricing structures will help you make sure you’re getting the rock-bottom price. According to Clark, at Sam's Club, if there’s a "C" on the price tag, the item has been discontinued and if the item's price ends with a penny, it's been marked down. At Costco, look for an asterisk for discontinued goods and anything that ends with 97 cents for markdowns.

Buy private label items. Warehouse clubs' own private label products are sold at great prices. Clark's advice: Look out for Member's Mark at Sam's Club, Kirkland Signature at Costco, and the Berkeley and Jensen labels at BJ's.

Go on an empty stomach! Warehouse clubs always have yummy food samples and great prices for a quick lunch or snack. Be sure to get your drink before you shop to take advantage of free refills!

Split a membership for cost-saving. You can share on both membership dues and the well-priced, super-sized items even if you don't have the extra storage space. If you are tight on room, pair up and share with a friend or neighbor so that you both can enjoy savings on multi-pack items.

And, don't forget Clark's number one tip:

Don't get a cart! What do you do if you get a shopping cart? You fill it! Shopping carts can lead to impulse buying. "I walk around with stuff in my arms," Clark says. "As I get tired I say, 'Do I really need that?'" Clark says it'll save you a fortune!

To read the rest of the tips you can go here.

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