Sunday, May 18, 2008

I heart Ebay!

Ebay is a beautiful and wonderful thing. Sometimes I forget how much I love it. Here's why. My husband loves music. About two years ago, around the time that we went to London, he really got into British rock bands. His favorite band since he was in jr. high has been U2...classic, traditional-very David. In the last two years, he has expanded his musical tastes and his newest group is Coldplay. This works great for me because I really like their all their albums. (They aren't David Gray, but they are great.) Being out of West Texas, a few bands come through the OKC metropolis every once and again. We just happen to be a stop for Coldplay. I went to the Ford Center to buy tickets early, and they tried to scam me!! For upper level seats it was 88 per person, plus over 80 in "building fees." What are building fees? Then I went to my trusty e-bay. I just bought floor seats, 8 rows back, from a power seller with great feedback, for less than the upper level seats! He's going to be so excited. I think it will be a great first father's day present. Now, if only I can not say anything...I'm not very good at keeping surprises!!

In non-E bay related news, today was Mia's first trip to the park.
She loved the swings and
laughed out loud when we took her down the slides! Being mean parents, we made her wear a funny hat, but she took it well and stared at all the children playing. The weather has been beyond beautiful here lately, and we wanted to take her before it got too hot.

After the park, we had to run to the store for a few things, and on the ride home we realized how quiet it was in the back.
We completely wore her out. She crashed on us--mouth open, hat askew, bottle out of her mouth...poor little girl was so give out!!

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