Thursday, May 8, 2008

Frugalness to the rescue...

It amazes me how much money I wasted before I was "converted." Today we went out shopping for we are heading out for Texas tomorrow and I had yet to buy mother's day gifts. What started as a small trip to CVS and Walgreens, ended up in a complete extravaganza!
Some of the big items purchased:
Jumbo pack of Pampers for Baby Mia
More Ora-jel swabs for the Texas Trip
2-cosmetic bags
2-nail polishes
2 Revlon nail files
2 packs of cotton swabs
2-bottles of nail polish remover
3-mothers day cards
2-32 load Tide concentrates
6 pack of Charmin
2-roles of aluminum foil
3-bottles of Dawn

-Out of pocket was $25 and I saved over $40.

So today I got to thinking, I've become really frugal in the last year, yet in what ways am I not.
-I will not buy generic cereal. I really don't like it.
-My purse budget can be so ridiculous. To say that I have champagne taste on a beer budget is beyond an understatement. I love, love Italian purses. I have found, however, that I can get a few through Ebay.
-I don't buy any sheets under 400 thread count. I like my bed to be a haven from all the stress. I like lots of pillows, a great comforter/duvet, and the most luxurious sheets imaginable.
-I never buy generic toilet paper. My West Texas ways won't allow me to buy the cheap stuff. I can remember my grandmother saying she'd never forgive herself if company came over to cheap paper.
-We have extended cable/ dsl internet/ phone & I won't get rid of it. I need my BBC, TiVo and History international. Dave apparently needs the discovery and hunting channels.

So, now I'm interested in the other ways in which you all are and aren't frugal....

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