Monday, May 12, 2008

My 1st Mother's day

My first Mother's Day was quite eventful. The weekend was wonderfully relaxing as my parents watched Baby Mia. Dave and I got a lot of sleep. I read a book that had nothing to do with history! (Consequently, it was Jane Austen's Persuasion) I was able to get up really early, watch the sunrise on the porch, and listen to the beautiful sounds of the country. (i.e. silence)
On the actual day, Mia helped deliver the presents to my mom and grandmother. The women got in the kitchen a made a wonderful lunch. I drew lots of pictures with my niece and nephew, and had a talked to my grandmother about her first date with my granddad. It was such a great day.

Also on the farm this weekend, Mia got to see her Papaw's new chickens. She also met Mare, our thirty year old horse. She really wasn't all that interested in the horse, but thought the chickens were interesting.

So after a weekend with the grandparents, baby Mia is going through "Nana detox." She can't believe that no one is holding her the entire time.

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