Monday, May 5, 2008

Almost to the finish line....

The papers are complete! I have breathed my first sigh of relief. Now I have a mountain of grading that requires my attention. After that, my semester is complete and I can attempt to sleep. I stayed awake 'till four this morning trying to get this last paper proof-read and sounding coherent.
Baby Mia, who is in the midst of full-blown teething was up at 5:30 ready to scream. Least to say, I didn't get too much sleep. I gave my students their final at freaking 8 am, and then turned in my paper. Luckily David dropped off the baby at "baby camp."
Now we're all home and everyone is attempting to take naps. I'm thinking that after this post, I'll try to get a little nap in before the hubby gets home. Nights when I don't get much sleep are made easier by my Sunday prep work. Every Sunday after we get back from church and I make dinner and always make extra to freeze. This way, on the days when I feel that I can't stand up, I just pop it in the oven, and we all can eat. (Dave says this is my super-power in that anyone who can be a ph.d student, mother, and keep him fed, must be able to control time!)

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Summer said...

Have you tried the Baby Orajel teething swabs? They are like Qtips but in the middle they have numbing medicine. Your break one end of the swab off and the medicine runs down into the other. This is the only way I ever survived teething. My nursing friend recommended these so they are totally safe. Mia will definately feel better after having this swabbed on. And I'm sure you have teethers you put in the freezer. Glad it's almost over. Sounds like you are doing a great job.