Thursday, May 22, 2008

Melted hearts

Like all good teething babies who have just gotten their 6 month shots, Baby Mia has had some trouble with the sleeping. In return, we are too. The baby Ora-jel works but she just wants to gum on things and not sleep. Her doctor said to giver her a little Tylenol and it helps with her discomfort but not the sleeping.

This morning, at 5 a.m. Ms. Mia awoke and decided the rest of needed to be up. Dave, not being any variety of a morning person complained of his lack of sleep and what a bad mover he will be with little rest. As if on cue, sweet Mia rolls over to him, grabs his face and said "da-da" for the first time!!! Oh, how his heart melted!!! No longer was he thinking of his lack of sleep, but of his little girl. We clapped for her and she continued her ramblings until 7 when she passed out and I had to get her up to get ready for the day.

I'm proud of Mia for learning quickly that little girls are to wrap Daddy's around their fingers.

From this moment on, he was totally hooked...(Look how little she was!)

Six months later, she's still finding ways to control her Daddy's affections!

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Summer said...

Another teething tip..I don't know why i forgot to mention this. But alternate baby tylenol and baby advil every four hrs. Since the main medicine in these are totally different you can give them early than you would just giving tylenol every 6 hrs. So give her tylenol..four hrs later give her baby advil. This keeps the pain controlled instead of maybe coming back before the 6 hrs are up. This advice also came from my labor/delivery friend across the road. Good luck moving.