Friday, May 9, 2008

Mothers Day in Texas

We are off in a few minutes for Texas. Let all rejoice! We get so excited when we get to go back to my hometown.

My mother called today. She's planning something big for my first Mother's Day. I've been working on how to make my mother and grandmothers gifts frugal yet awesome. I want the gifts to be something that I would give them with or without a budget.

I thought for a few weeks about what to get, and then watched the sales for my items. My family also has a stipulation that whatever we get each other must be consumable. We all feel that we can buy the essentials that we need, thus we don't buy clothes or books for each other unless given specific instructions. Its more fun to come up with consumable gift ideas anyway. (It also helps not to clutter up the house!)

When I think of being a little girl, I think of my grandmother and mother's nails. They always have beautiful names. This amazed me as a child b/c they are such hard workers. I wondered how they kept their hands so pretty. Thus, I bought the ladies in my life a cute make-up tote bag filled with items for a great at-home manicure. The awesome thing is that each set would have been over $30- but with my handy-dandy coupons and watching for good sales, I bought all 3 for 30! I'm so excited.

Wishing all of the mothers (especially my friend Laura who is a new mother!! I hope pictures will be uploaded when I get back!) a very Happy Mother's Day!!

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