Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Extravaganza

What an eventful day we had! The initial plan for the day went like this: wake up early, pack all day, take Mia to the park for a bit, come back and pack. This is not how things went down. We did wake up early. I woke up with a horrid cold. (I always get one cold per summer.) As I was eating my breakfast, we began to smell something burning. The entire apartment soon filled up with a weird smoke. Given past problems we ran to the neighbors to find out if they smelled it too. Turns out just us. We called emergency maintenance, luckily he didn't have plans, he was to the apartment within a half-hour. Turns out our hot water heater circuit fried and fried the wires too. So we aired out the apartment and went to the park early.

Baby Mia swung on the baby swings by herself for the first time and LOVED it!! Quite the big girl. We then took her for a walk in her stroller around OU. We saw a white puppy, she got excited. Brought home the sticky baby and let her play in her bathtub like it was a swimming pool. She loves to splash around!

Some packing did happen. More needs to go down in the next few days. So glad the water heater wasn't worse!

Another fun part of today was the Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon! We are so obsessed with the show! We laugh so much at the Type-A wife with the "little Brother" Dave & me.

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