Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Solitude & Peace

Yesterday was Mia's 6 month shots. After her six shots, she was running a small fever and a little cranky. (Who can blame her right?) So after all of the noise yesterday, I wanted nothing more than a peaceful day. After dropping off baby Mia at "baby camp," I decided I was going to spend my day in quite. I went and looked at the rental property we've been looking at. It's so cute. We're turning in the paperwork tomorrow morning. After touring the rental, I did a bit of shopping at CVS. After spending one dollar, I left the store with a new Venus razor, Crest toothpaste & Garnier 2-in-1 shampoo. We don't need any of it, so its all off to the church's food pantry.

I then went to one of my favorite local cafes. I waited until after 1 so that I it would quiet and most people would be gone. I found a corner booth, ordered my meal & sat down with the latest issue of the New Yorker! I got to read the entire thing! Oh it was splendid! I had a yummy soup & half-sandwich, free refills, and nice soft music to read to. I haven't gotten the chance to read an entire issue since before Mia was born. It was actually the weekend before she was born. I read a few articles the morning she was born, but not an entire issue.

After they brought me this complimentary organic cookie I decided I should do a few errands. I went to Best Buy, a store I don't like going in, and got a great deal. For Valentine's Day, I bought the hubby a Nintendo DS. The special had been with purchase of a DS, two free games, and a free hard case. The case has been out of stock since. So, I went in today, determined to get the case. They didn't have the one that was supposed to be free, but they had a better one in stock. I talked to a manager and since it has taken so long, they gave me the better case that came with a memory card, headphones, and an extra stylus. The case was over $30, and my free case was to be only $10. I guess I better start liking Best Buy more.

After Best Buy and picking up the baby, we came back to talk to our apartment people. I was intending on extending our lease for one more month to thus give them the true 30 day notice. They told us not to worry b/c someone already wants our place. Thus, if we'll be out on our original date, we won't have to extend or pay anything extra. So this sounds all great- the issue is, we have 11 days to move! Eleven days!!! Tomorrow, I'm going shopping for free boxes and a hitch for the Jeep. Oh, its going to be chaos! Sounds like the label maker will need to be whipped-out!!


the smart tart said...
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the smart tart said...

Did you read the article on the fall of conservatism? Aaaaaaahhh, liberal history nerd crack...

~cousin tart ;-)

lfhcreative said...

have you tried the venus razor? They are divine! :)

How fun that you get to decorate a new bigger place! I hope the move goes smoothly!