Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun new sites you MUST check out!

I'm avoiding packing at the moment. Maybe due to the fact that I packed for 6 straight hours yesterday with only two small breaks, or maybe because our apartment air conditioning is broke! We must have something on our heads that says "Don't Move in Oklahoma-- or ALL will go Wrong!"

Thus I'm staying very still, eating the coldest items I can find, sent the baby off to MDO. The puppy and I are hanging out under ceiling fans...its so hot and humid in OK...yuck!

So here are some of the best sites I have found in the last few days...must check them out!

1) If you're looking for an extensive list of internet and printable coupons, check out Mommy Snacks. Not only has she compiled an exhaustive list of sites but she also helps out beginners with tips for shopping at CVS and Walgreens. Such a wonderful and helpful site!

2) If you want to see how far $800 can go, check out Jane & 4 Girls.
This brave single-mom has an annual budget of 800, and they're actually gaining money. It's very inspiring to me when I think we have no money or can't buy anything--she'll prove that you can!

3) If you love Williams & Sonoma or Bliss but don't want to pay crazy prices, check out the Giving Gallery Department Store. I've been trying to find more of Nigella Lawson's Living Kitchen Line. The frugal part of my brain, however, will not allow me to spend $35 on 4 measuring cups...Thus I went searching. Ialso found some of her line on E-bay, but the Giving Gallery had everything. And most was 50% cheaper than Bliss.

4) This one is really only for the girls with big feet...OK, for those of you who weren't "blessed" with feet the size of canoes, you won't understand how hard it is to find shoes, especially cute shoes! I've found some really cute size 11 shoes on E-bay, but not that often. Then NPR did a segment on girls over 6 foot! (Finally, my people get a voice!) The girl on the program wore size 11 shoes, and recommended the following site, Gotham City Online. Now, they have shoes for all foot sizes, but for the girls with the big feet---they're designer shoes and they're fairly cheap. They aren't Jimmy Choos but they're designer and so cute!

5) Also, my love for Nigella Lawson (as well as other's I'm finding) continues to grow. I happened across this fabulous blog the other day, Pennypincher's Pantry.
Her tag line is that she writes about frugal recipes & ideas, menu planning, retro collections & Nigella Lawson recipes! You'll love it!

Enjoy! Stay cool---we're all trying!


Lauren Hairston said...

You and your money-saving! I did check out Coupon Mom but I'm not really in the swing of things. I had a coupon today for razors--and forgot to use it! Also, I don't think they take coupons at the farmers' market... :-(

I'm glad you like Nigella, too. I've been wanting her espresso set and it's super cheap at Giving Gallery. Thanks for the link!

P.S. I bought an apron book today with lots of very cute patterns. I'll probably blog about it soon.

P.P.S. Sorry about your air conditioning! Oklahoma is too hot and humid for no AC!

Linda McClain said...

Love your blog and all the great ideas. Where did you find the great retro housewife pix?

Tickled Pink Housewife said...

I found the prints on a few swatches of fabric that I found on ebay. I absolutely adored them. My hubby, being the computer wiz that he is, scanned them in and created my header for me!