Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vanity Chair Before/After

A few months ago my Grandmommie bestowed upon me her old vanity chair. She wanted something a little different for her newly renovated bathroom. I, having spent hours and hours as a child sitting in that chair, jumped at the chance to own it! Our master bathroom has a small vanity area built-in, and thus I really 'needed' the chair anyway.

The chair came to me with a bright gold frame and 60s white (fading) vinyl covering. Although it is almost 50 years old, being from my Grandmommie, it was still in very good shape. My bathroom, however, is not really in golds and white vinyls. I have had my eye on some beautiful fabric at Hobby Lobby for a while, but wanted to wait for it to go on sale. This week it did!

So today I made the new seat cover and spray-painted the body white. I LOVE the finished product. It looks like a completely different chair. Now Miss Mia can start sitting in the chair making her memories of the torture of getting her hair done..haha

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Kelsey Smith said...

LOVE the new chair! It is so easy to glare at an old vintage piece, but you turned it into something gorgeous and it's still special since it was passed down!