Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

With yesterday's post being dedicated to the things that I don't like or do not do, I thought today would be a good day to name some of my favorite things to do and materially.

I'm trying to limit myself, because this could go on for a while.

1) I Love Friday night in our house. Knowing that we don't have to be up early the next morning and we can stay up late and watch TV, DVR compilations, movies or just sit in our big bed, listen to pandora & read books (or read to Miss Mia).

2) I have posted posted before of my love for all things Nigella Lawson. From her cooking show to bakeware, I find her fabulous. (And I want to look like her when I grow up!) I have been devouring her book How to Eat. I just adore it. I approach it like a text book with so many helpful hints and basic cooking 'how to's'.

3) I love more than words can say a well organized pantry. Having a slight case of OCD, I need all everything facing outwardly and in descending height. Knowing that I have extreme measures, I usually do all the putting away of all groceries. Hubby, however, has been under 'orientation' for general rules of this goes here, etc. (In his defense, most of the time, he is very good at putting things back the way I like them.)
4) I get many bottles of lotion free with coupons, but really only use the one that I can not find a coupon for. Thus, I give away in gift baskets the others. The one that I use the most and would love to give the world a free sample (it's just that good!) is Mediterranean Spa Olive Oil Lotion. This lotion covers like shea butter but it is not even the least bit greasy. The Olive Oil fragrance isn't overly fungent and I can still have a perfume on without the two competing. They also make soaps and body wash which are also supper amazing. The unfournate part is that it isn't sold everywhere. I buy mine at Bauble Bath Ltd. which is a fabulous store in Saugatuck, Michigan. The owner is a dear friend of Hubby's grandparents and he sends me the lotion!
5) I love, love, love traveling. One of the first coversations Hubby and I had when we started dating was about our love of traveling. Since we've been together we have traveled all over the world. My favorite place that we have ever visited is Bath England. I could do a blog dedicated to everything Bath. I absolutely adored the streets, the smells, the water, the architecture, the history..

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