Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Look Inside 3....

Hubby's Grandma R. is the craftiest person I know...and I don't just mean her personality! = ) She is a beyond amazing seamstress and the quilt maker for the entire clan. The very first time I met her was 3 days after Hubby proposed and drove me to Michigan to meet all of his family. She asked what I would want for a wedding present, I told her I wanted a wedding-ring quilt. Although she had been making quilts for many years, she had never attempted the wedding-ring design. Ours was her first...and it turned out beautifully!
I keep this quilt in my cedar Hope's chest that my parents gave me during the winter months, and pull it out for the summer. The light yellows and pinks (the colors of our wedding) remind me of summer and that very beautiful day in the rose garden!
So this is our summer bedding...patches of summery hues all stitched by Grandma R. (A fun side note, less than a year after our June wedding, that December in fact, she made me another King size quilt for Christmas. That year all the women in the family received Christmas quilts. Being Church of Christ, and since we don't celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, she made mine the colors of our Italian decor--deep purples, greens, browns and golds. It too is gorgeous and stays displayed on our quilt rack or guest bed all year round!)
One of my favorite the corner she embroidered our names and the year of our wedding...
The most special touch of all, however, is her signature E.R. in the corner of everything she does...Even Mia's fleece baby blanket has it too! Oh, how I adore Hubby's Grandma R.!

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