Monday, July 13, 2009

Heat Wave!!

It has been a heat wave here in Oklahoma! Temperatures were well past 102 today! Yuck! Plus, its humid. When we woke up at 8 this morning, and the temperature was already 88, I knew we had to take drastic measures. So I put up Miss Mia's hair in her first bun!
It was so precious! It was quite lucky that we did put the hair up b/c when I took her to Mother's Day Out, the main toddler rooms were without air the teachers were scrambling to find cool places for the kids to play.
So she left for school with her cool hair up, and a cute (and airy) outfit...then we came home, after melting all day..
She has been playing "potty" with her dolly Helga. Apparently Helga is also potty training. She told Helga today to go "poo-poo." She converted the doll case into a double bed for her other doll and teddy bear. I think this shows great intuition and imagination on her part! I was saying, she has imagination. Yes, that's the potty seat on her head as a hat! Oh, and remember the cute outfit and up-hair do? Once we got home, she stripped down and pulled her hair bow out...I don't blame the is too hot to worry about such things!

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