Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michigan Vacation Part 3...

For the last few days of our Michigan vacation, we went back to Holland. We basked in the quite of staying in a house with only one small child! Mia was quite excited to get back to the K's house too. On Friday we spent the afternoon downtown shopping. I was so good and didn't buy a single thing! Mia, however, raked in the presents. We went to an upscale kids boutique called Twinkle Toes. Oh, I could live in that store. I got so many good ideas for things to try and create.
That night the girls went to Cousin K. Ann's wedding shower. Hubby and Grandpa K had a boys night out..they enjoyed some alone boy time. The shower was really sweet and the couple got some great presents. Miss Mia, however, stole the show. She's not used to going to parties where the presents weren't for her. This took some time to get over. Then as the party was winding down, she spotted the hostess's grand piano.

The hostess teaches piano lessons, taught all of Hubby's cousins and his mother how to play! She also leads the childrens singing ministry, the Spiritual Sprouts, at their church. Mia never pounded on the piano..she was very meticulous with her hand movements and her timing.

The hostess played a duet with Mia..Mia played the high made me and Grandma K. tear up.

The following day was the 4th! We started the day in the wonderful town of Saguatuck. Its a fancy artsy town in West Michigan. Their were many art shows going on. It was fabulous. Before we ate our picnic lunch, we took Miss Mia to an old soda fountain shop and let her get a snack.

Doesn't she look thrilled by the events? She had her snack, then we met up with the rest of Hubby's family for a picnic. After our yummy chicken lunch, we went back to Holland and headed to the beach! I had been waiting the entire trip to put Mia's little feet in the tide.
I got my wish! Is that not the most pinchable set of legs ever?
I love this belly shot picture!
Mia is a water baby..always has been. Even with the major waves crashing on her, she loved the water and refused to get out.
Post wave, she was still happy! She kept wanting to scoot further into the water. Finally, however, we had to get her out of the water.
Mean Mommy made her get out of the water and put on her jacket. I'm not sure she's forgiven me yet!

After the beach, Miss Mia took a few hours nap! Hubby stepped on a fish bone at the beach and it got stuck in his big toe. We had to take him to the Urgent Care. There they numbed his entire foot and thought they were going to have to operate. Luckily, they got the fish bone out and put a large bandage on his foot. The bandage made the 14 hour drive home a lot of fun. Hubby does all the driving b/c he's a bad passenger. The bandage, however, hurt when he drove, so I drove about 500 of the 943 mile trip!

We got home exhausted, but to a spotless house. I threw in the laundry and put Mia and Hubby to bed..Then I unpacked the vehicle and slept for 11 hours!

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