Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Look Inside 2....

I have not been so good with the promised "look inside" the house. This past weekend, however, we redecorated a few rooms and I felt it was the perfect time to post on it. I love our new house more than any place we have ever lived. The only problem, though, is that due to being a rental, we can't paint anything. That makes decorating much more difficult. So we started with the kitchen. We spend most of our time in the kitchen. Even when company comes over, we hang out in the kitchen.

I had a few problems with our kitchen, however, because I felt it lacked color and character. We also have a bit of storage issue, as I have a miniature Williams & Sonoma in my house! So we needed some storage, place to put some of my more decorative items and something that would add color to the kitchen. I thought this book shelf might be a good idea for the kitchen. With too many cookbooks to store, I have to pick and choose once or twice a year which books to keep out. We had this bookshelf in our office, but it didn't work all that well. I also loved the idea of the cabinet doors that would hide my standing mixer, toaster and other appliances! I can't believe it worked!
A bit of a closer look at the knicknacks on the shelf...a few of our favorite Torquay pieces and my beloved McCoys. Also, two of my must-haves in the kitchen, my Le Cruset pot (makes the best soup ever!) and my pasta roller. (makes all my noodles the perfect thickness!)
Here's what the doors hide...our toaster, standing mixer (with ice cream maker attachment), sno cone machine, blender, stock pot, and so much more. I love not having to see it anymore. Just shut the door and have instant organization!
Here is a peak at the top of the cabinets. I store some of the more colorful and bigger pieces that we can't store on the top. Oh how I wish we could repaint these! I am not a honey-oak cabinet kind of girl...but we do what we have to! Looking up at the old tins (which used to be my Grandmommie's cookie jars) they make me smile and think of my sweet family!

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