Monday, July 27, 2009

"I Don't"

Teresa, over at Grammy Girlfriend has a fabulous blog and today's blog is entitled "I Don't." She lists all the things in her life that she doesn't do. My sweet mother always told me that we are defined more by the things that we don't do rather than the things we do. (It was one of those no regrets, choose wisely, etc speeches that mothers make to their daughters before they graduate from high school.)

So, here is my "I Don't" List....enjoy...

1) I don't do humidity...neither does my hair. This is why I was born and raised in DRY West Texas! (also b/c Jesus knows I love and need hot salsa!)

2) I don't sleep with dirty dishes in the sink...such a pet peeve

3) I don't eat mushrooms...sorry...I can't do fungus..I try to explain this to Hubby but he can't understand. (Even our dog Bentley won't eat them, so there!)

4) I don't drink coffee or tea or Dr. Pepper. (The last two could get my Texas card revoked...and the first, I think I'm the only Ph.D student ever who is addicted.)

5) I don't leave the house for more than a day without giving it a deep cleaning. (This stems from my Grandmommie who once told me that I should keep the house clean in case I die. That way when family has to come over they won't think bad thoughts about what a horrible house I kept...I realize this is crazy...but yeah, family!)

6) I don't like to drive. Long before I would hire a house keeper, I would hire a chauffeur.

7) I don't like to sleep with no sound because my mind won't shut off. I have to have music or a movie going the entire night. Hubby has had to learn to deal being the deep sleeper of the two.

8) I don't like to shop without coupons. I feel so guilty buying anything, even if its only a dollar, without a coupon.

9) I don't go two days without a luxurious bubble bath. It is an essential element to keeping my sanity.

10) I don't trust birds. Silly phobia but I think they'll poke my eyes out. Miss Mia, however, is fearless and loves all birds/chickens..She is constantly running at the park after birds yelling "Chicken! Come here!"

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