Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life= Wedding Dress

Over at Kelly's Korner, its Show Us Your Life Friday, this edition is the wedding dress! I don't have too many of digital wedding photos, but here is a small sampling. I got my wedding dress the DAY after Hubby proposed! Now, this might seem a bit extreme, but we had a plan, you see. About a month prior, Hubby (then fiance) and I went to my favorite jeweler in Lubbock and I picked out my ring, etc. Then my mother called and told me that David's Bridal in Amarillo was have their $99 dress sale and that it would be so much fun to see if we could find one so cheap! I then told Hubby about said sale..with the oh so subtle hint that I would be the weirdy going to the sale without said ring. Little did I know that it was that very day the ring was ready and he picked it up!

A few days later, with help from my roomie, he set up the proposal. The very next day, Mom, Grandmommie and I headed to Amarillo for the big sale. I tried on about 50 dresses that day, and of course, knew the moment I put it on that it was the one. (I had a small quiver when I tried on one more, but when I saw the $24k price tag on it, I knew that I would go with my original choice!) My dress, of course was not the $99 that Mom and Dad had hoped for, but it was $500 cheaper than normal...I saw that as a good sign.

My sweet Grandmommie wanted to buy something for me that day too and she bought my veil which was had pearls throughout. It was then in the middle of the store, with my dress on that she offered to let me wear her pearl earrings and necklace that my beloved Grandad bought her on their 35th wedding anniversary! It was one of the many times that day that I cried!

The dress was perfect for me! Strapless, with pink and ivory bead work on the bodice, A-line skirt with Italian lace on the bottom..The dress matched my already picked out wedding colors and the already chosen brides maid dresses. It was just perfect.I so loved the train of the dress as well, espically after we chose the site for the wedding, and I knew it would cascade down the sweet steps.
With my gorgeous bridesmaids and flowergirl.


Candice said...

I love the train going down the stairs, that is picture perfect.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Enjoyed your wedding pictures.. You have a great blog.....Hope you will visit me...I have a fun post up today with two giveaways tomorrow night