Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coupon Mom

My love affair with the Coupon Mom continues! Today was my most triumphant grocery shopping expedition ever!
I went to three stores, CVS, Homeland, and Super Target and spent a combined total of $112. My total savings after coupons, bonus card, etc- 187.62!!! Is that not amazing!?! I’m quite proud. Dave about fell over when I presented my receipts. Even the lady at CVS was astonished when I saved over $20. I gave her my secrets and websites to look at. It was fun.

Now, it is also important to note, that this purchase included big things,
10-Good Start Formula (that are usually $11-14 dollars a piece)
10 lb. bag of boneless-skinless chicken breasts
2 1.5lb 93-7 lean ground beef
16 oz. Farmland thick sliced bacon
10 32 oz. Gatorades
2 loaves Nature’s Own Organic Wheat Bread
2.5 gallons of Milk
12 Organic Eggs
Fresh Mozz. and Freshly Grated Parm. Cheese
3x Concentrated All
4 4oz. Colgate Total with advanced Whitening Toothpastes
3 Speed Sticks

Those were the big things, obviously lots of little things too. But seriously, is that not amazing?!

The good thing about the method is that anyone can do it. You don’t have to have oodles of time. Believe me. I’m having to write this at 11 when all are asleep, and I’ve just finished grading. I did all of this shopping in an hour, including going to the 3 stores. (I could have taken longer, but the duty of the Ph.D student called me to come home and finish another book.) You have to organize a few weeks to get your feet under you and get organized, but after that you’re set. We’ve also been trying to use our BOGO free stuff to donate to the church’s food bank or storage pantry.

So there...I now run to the shower, try to get to sleep before Mia wakes up for round 1...and then start all over again tomorrow!

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