Monday, April 14, 2008

Laundry and the American West

Texas was wonderful. I merely thought I missed my people--then I went back to Texas...same smells (not all of them good), good food (God bless Mexican food for every meal!) and good West Texas archives. The conference went well. We had great successes in the archives, papers went well, and even won some awards. My Quanah paper won second...thus not making me look like a goon in the eyes of my department.

The family did well in my absence. Apparently only one minor incident of an overly-stuffed baby throwing up baby cereal on the husband. Other than that, I returned to three very happy faces awaiting my arrival.

She's a little exhausted from all playing with her dad this weekend...

Today has been a good day. Lots of laundry, vacuuming, and readings on the American West.

I am also trying to write a paper early. (Trying to finish assignments early...why should I even bother, right?)

Today David dressed the baby...I put her in the basket. My mom always took pictures of me in baskets and I played in them all the time. I think her shirt, which says, "Going to Grandma's" is their way of oh so subtly telling me its time for a family trip to Guthrie to see Nana and Papaw.
In other baby news, Mia has found out that she can "talk" and stick out her tongue at the same time. She also loves to sit in front of the mirror for hours and make faces at herself. (She's a bit vain..but she thinks she's funny.)

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