Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is it over?

I'm blogging to procrastinate for a few mere moments whilst sitting in the library. I have 5 papers to write in two weeks, and two books to read in the next 5 days. The total pages to write is 65-75, and the two books are a combined 1100 pages! The silver lining is that I'm not having to grade or give the students' final until after all of my papers are due.

We're slowly wrapping things up. My husband has rallied around me beautifully. He made me dinner tonight and made an extra dish, like I always do, to freeze for a later date. I feel so proud... I have taught someone my methods. David is a wonderful recipe follower. The mess will be atrocious, but he has learned proper cleaning methods. (Good orientation director!)

I picked up my daughter at her MDO program today to find a really freaked out teacher. Apparently Mia had bright blue poop and her teacher thought her liver was in jeopardy. I called her doctor and he said not to worry, these things happen as you transition into cereal, etc. Speaking of the baby cereal, Mia is really not that big of a fan. Her high chair finally came in, and it makes feeding easier, but she's really not that into it. In the next few weeks, we'll work in other foods. I'm sure she'll like something more with flavor.


Kim Foster said...

Hey! Great blog. Glad I found you.

How do you do the whole school, kid, husband thing? Are you some kind of super-woman? Or just really tired?

My 2 never ate cereal either. Hated it. We started them on avocados and that was just the ticket as a first food.

But her poop will be green, not blue. Prepare the teacher...

The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet

Summer said...

Have you tried a Bumbo chair to feed her in? I would imagine she isn't quite comfortable in her high chair just yet. Is she able to sit up by herself? This chair also helps them practice sitting up. Sending a link.


Love hearing about her progress.