Friday, April 18, 2008

More Grocery Fun

The family just returned from another night of grocery shopping fun. It amuses me that now Dave is really excited to see my recipes and even likes to go watch how I buy all the groceries. Tonight was another really great buy.
We bought:
Bag of boneless/skinless chicken breasts
Chicken Stock (tons, I think 2 cartons and 4 cans)
2 pckgs 93-7 ground beef
6 boxes of cereal
2 gallons of milk
Dozen large eggs
pound of colby-jack cheese
wheat bread
2 Juicy-Juice
10 Gatorades (the big 32 oz)
Sandwich Meat
8-pack Scott paper towels

The paper towels, the entire 8-pack was .08!! Eight of my best deals. Dave and the CVS guy were very impressed. It is normally priced for $10, but was marked down to $5.99. Then I took over.
Our total savings for the day fifty dollars. I'm quite proud of the family's progress.

We are currently in the middle of the search for a house. We are not buying! I do not want to get stuck with a house in Norman! Plus the rents here are low enough that we can rent a 3/2/2 house for less than our apartment rent in Lubbock! (I do miss some things about Lubbock--and we had a really really nice apartment in Lubbock.)
We think that we've narrowed the finalists down to 2 really charming houses. Hopefully we'll figure out which we want more. Then its moving, again! The move last year was so painful, and I really don't want to move, but we've outgrown our 2-bedroom apartment. Too much for a family with a history ph.d student (who has way too many books and needs a place to close a door), dog that loves to run, husband that needs a yard and garden to play in, and baby who is trying to crawl and will be come summer.

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