Monday, April 7, 2008

Clothes for the baby

Our frugal shopping continues. I never, ever thought, however, that I would have the wonderful luck that I did this weekend. We went to the Once Upon a Child in Moore. I've been to the stores before and I have a rule that I only buy the clothes with the tags still on them. The store was having a buy three get one free deal...and Mia was needing new pants and shorts to make it through the summer. Little did we know, the deals that were coming our way. When we walked out of the store, (a mere $90 lighter) we had 16 outfits and 38 total pieces.

So, you might be thinking that $90 was a lot to spend, however, one of the outfits we bought was Burberry!! I have no idea what a brand new, 3 piece Burberry outfit was doing in Once Upon a Child in Moore, Ok. The entire ensemble cost me $12!!! I came home and looked it up, and it retails for over $275!!

I put the sencond picture to prove that I'm not making up the $12 dollars spent!

The other reason that I like Once Upon a Child, is that I really like to get Mia's church clothes there as well as her Ralph Lauren outfits.

In the picture above, that shows all the outfits (many of the shorts and pants are doubled up) all but 3 pieces are Ralph Lauren, all new with tags. The other pieces are from A Children's Place. So I think, its not a bad investment. We were able to get Mia outfits up through 12 months. She now has plenty of outfits for the spring and summer.

We also used the weekend to clear out her dresser and put away all the newborn and 3 month clothes. It was heartbreaking..I can't believe this lil' chubby-cheeked baby was once a itty 6 lb newborn, with no clothes to fit her!


Lauren Hairston said...

There isn't a Once Upon an Adult, is there? :-) Where's my $12 Burberry?

P.S. Your patio looks very comfy and relaxing!

lfhcreative said...

Shopping for kids is so much fun! ;) I am glad you found some great deals, Mia will be looking hip all summer and fall long!