Friday, March 28, 2008

Confessions of an addict...

My name is Ashley and I have an addiction. My addiction is to the purchasing and writing in too many journals and sketchbooks. I own many that I can't even find all of them that I currently write in. Many I've had over a decade. Some are actually journals that I use to collect my thoughts and everyday happenings. One is about everday travel. It contains places that I want to check out around the world, particularly though in the US. Another journal I use for my Bible studies. My latest journal records the everyday moments of Mia. Moments I can look back on one day and remember the little intricacies of my darling baby girl. One such entry is from the morning Mia and I watched the sunrise on my parents front porch. We sat on the porch swing and rocked away as I looked down on my new baby and we sat in total silence. The only sounds were animals in the far distance and Mia's slow constant breathing as she slept in my arms.

The journal below I made for our trip to London. I researched for months before and made my own travel book for the trip. Once on the trip, I filled in the journal with entries from each day, along with additional notes on what to do in each place.

One of my favorite journals is a leather one with a scene from the Venetian canals. Its contents are all of my favorite verses, quotes, poems, speeches, etc.
It also contains lists of my favorite books--those that have inspired me as a historian or novels that I read over and over again...

Below is one of my favorite writings by Henry James on his trip s to Italy, particularly Venice.

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