Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lessons Learned This Week

Today is the start of a new blog! I have been so inspired by reading other blogs of wives and moms, I just had to start one of my own. This blog is intended to be my outlet when the strains of being a wife, mother, graduate assistant, and Ph.D student get the best of me.

One of my favorite things I like to do is reflect on my week and the things that attracted my attention or touched my heart.
From February 28-March 5:
1) Dryer Balls from Dryer Max are awesome! Thus you don't have to buy fabric softener. I even use them on our sheets, and they come our incredibly soft!
2) The weather changes in OK more dramatically per day than even Lubbock! Yesterday was gorgeous and we're supposed to get snow!
3) My daughter loves the to tug on anything and everything that she can get her hands on.
4) My girl Hilary knows how to stage a comeback!
5) Oklahoma does have some smart Democrats...Praise Jesus for that!
6) My latest infatuation is trying to go green, organic, and yet live on pennies. I love researching new ways to save money especially on groceries, and the like. A friend introduced me to the following site: Its really wonderful.
7) My obsession with Christian from Project Runway grows with every day
8) I love my Ph.D study carrel in the library...I horde my journals and books of my books hasn't been checked out in over four decades!
9) Grading 95, 10 page papers on the 1st Crusade in a week and a half can make you lose your mind!
10) My puppy doesn't live in my house when I buy him a new rawhide bone..I haven't seen him in days. He hides in Mia's room with his bone trying to avoid anyone who will try and steal it!
11) We've been trying to find new ways to give back, but also want to be able to see the results. One morning on NPR they had on a representative from Save the Children.
By eating out one time less a month we could help a struggling child in the area of our choosing. I really wanted to do something with a child in the U.S. We chose the Appalachian Mountains as our area. When I saw that one of the kids names was Dakota, I took it as our sign that we were to help him. We got his picture in this week and he's adorable!
12) I have few collections, books being by far my biggest. But some of my favorite types of books are cookbooks. I read them like my history books. I highlight, make notes in the margins...Oh How I love them.

Nigella Lawson writes beautiful cookbooks. They're easy to follow if you're not a great cook, and they have the most beautiful pictures that keep you inspired.

13) Taking pictures of Mia has become an addiction. I think all new moms can attest that one can not exhaust when taking pictures of their beautiful children. We're draining the batteries taking so many pictures of our beautiful baby girl!

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