Monday, March 17, 2008

The Sun wants to come out....

With another week gone, and Spring Break finally here, I've decided to reflect on my favorite aspects of Spring and the previous week...

1) My child loves to play on comfy the morning while I'm watching TV I let her lay on a pillow by me. She loves to feel and fold fabric lately.

2) With Spring, I love Spring Cleaning. Nothing makes me feel better about my house than when it is newly organized and freshly clean. One of the projects we tackled this Spring was getting our cupboards, fridge, and freezer organized. To help in the process, we made lists of all the things that go in the cabinets, on each shelf, etc. My thought process was that if I had a list for each shelf, one other people (like my husband) could put groceries away in the right place, and also, when we're making grocery lists, we can check the lists to see what we are out of.

3) April showers have preceded April. The last two days have been wonderful Spring Break days to catch up on reading, writing, movies, and Tivo. I forgot how much I missed my TiVo until I sat down this afternoon to catch up on my Daily Shows and Jon and Kate Plus 8.

4) With a few days off, I've also been going threw cupboards trying to find meals to make and freeze for the future. We're such a busy family that too often we end up with a frozen dinner or sandwich.

5) I love the smell of Spring air. And since I grew up in Texas and now live in Oklahoma, my favorite smell is the air before and after rain and thunderstorms. I don't know if its the electricity or just the dampness...but I do love it.

6) My "Coupon Mom" book finally came in, and I'm completely obsessed. We've been comparing prices at different stores, making excel tables of pricing, organizing coupons...oh, the fun. I'm excited to test out the theory and see how much I can really save.

Baby Mia met her great-grandparents from Michigan this week.. What a little ham we have on our hands. This weekend will be Mia's first Easter and yet another trip to Texas to be with the family.

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