Thursday, March 6, 2008

Solace in the storm

Whenever I think that my day has been terrible, or that I must be crazy for trying to be a mom, wife, and Ph.D student, I come home to the cutest face in the world....Nothing can make your blues go away more than looking into her "baby blues."

Is that not the epitome of innocence? She is the reason I don't get much sleep at night because I'm either reading/writing/grading/researching, or she's a little thirsty. That face makes all the tears, all the late nights, all the shadows of doubt slip away....

Being a history student, my favorite gifts for Mia are the heirlooms she was given. Mia has my mom's baby rind, Dave's mothers necklace. I love all the history behind the jewelry. Generations of women wearing the same pieces.

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