Friday, June 26, 2009

Grateful Friday

What a week this has been with all the preparations for vacation. I cannot wait to hit Lake Michigan and temperatures below 102! I am looking forward to learning new cooking techniques from Grandma R. and going on shopping adventures with Grandma K. I love, love, love Hubby's grandmothers. They could not be more different but are oh so special. We are also going to swing by Lansing so that Miss Mia can meet her name sake, (Well, her middle name's sake) in Hubby's Great-Aunt Violet.

Here is one of the pictures of Lake Michigan a few steps from the K's cottage in Whitehall! I can't wait to get back!

So on this Friday, hours before we leave for vacation, here is what I am grateful for:

-Air conditioning! With temperatures averaging 100 this week, praise Jesus for the cool air in my house!

-The time and funds to actually go on vacation. This is Miss Mia's first family vacation, & mine and Hubby's first vacation in three years. (Last vacation was to England in March of 2006!)

-Great friends and a fantastic fish fry! We had the opportunity to go out to our friends' farm and had a big fish fry with a lot of good company. The food was so fantastic, the kids played in the grass...ahh summer!

-So grateful that puppy let me give him a haircut. For those of you who have actually met Bentley, the kamikaze schnauzer, you know what a feat this is!

-I am ever so grateful for my little girl. She's everything we always wanted and I thank the Lord everyday for the new surprises she gives us that she is healthy. This past week, while perusing the Belle & Boo website (oh how I love her site!) I came across the Superprincess Ava illustrations. A story accompanied the drawings that told of a young girl, Ava, who had passed away unexpectedly. Her mother and Mandy of Belle & Boo had gotten together to commission the drawings. Ava's mother, Sheye is a photographer and has a beautiful blog. You can find Sheye's blog here. I recommend reading her blog, especially to any mother. I have cried so many times reading her daily life after losing her young child, but can't seem to stop reading. I have held Miss Mia tighter all week, took more pictures, and according to Hubby been so sappy! = )

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