Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crazy Chicken...

I have been running around this week like a crazy chicken with no head. I have lists upon lists of what needs to get done this week but it feels like I'm making little progress. We leave tomorrow evening for vacation to Michigan. I am so excited to see Hubby's family and for many of them to FINALLY get to meet Miss Mia. We were gone last weekend to Texas to see my family and friends and now are turning around and leaving for 9 days! That is a lot of packing, planning, list making, cleaning, and laundry for this Mommy.
So here is the early attempts at packing early. I would like to note that MY bag is the big maroon one. Miss Mia's bag is the red one. The one with the flower is our our play bag with fun items for the trip (books, magna doodle, toys, etc)..the rest are Hubby's! That's right..those other 3 bags, (not to mention he has a fourth in the bathroom) are all his bags. I better not here anymore how I over pack! = )

Today after finishing up packing Miss Mia, I finally finished her new blanket. I made it two sided for her in her favorite color of pink. (or ping as she calls it!) Its super duper soft..I put two battings inside.
One of the other highlights of the trip is that I actually get to go to one of Hubby's cousin's wedding showers. Being 13 hours away, we rarely get to share these memories, and with her wedding coming on one of my Comps days in October, we sadly won't even get to go. Luckily, however, I will get to go to the wedding, so I've been putting together a special present for her. I got a few things off her registry (pizza pan, colander and glass oil bottle) and then filled the rest with fabulous Italian accessories to help make yummy Italian cusine and the best pizza crust!
In this envelope, I added several recipes, including my pizza crust, chicken soup, peanut butter cookies, and some great Southern and Texas recipes. With the couple being from Michigan they've always marveled at our spicy cuisine. I hope they love the gift and make many of the fabulous recipes!
Hubby has also been quite crafty for Miss Mia. He made her these two water tables and sand tables. She loves them so dearly. They are a perfect height, and have lids that actually snap shut!

Next time she plays out in them, I'll have to take her picture. The puppy also loves these tables height as he can drink from the water table when no one is looking. = )

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