Friday, June 5, 2009

Grateful Friday

One of my favorite blogs is Artsy-Crafty Babe. She sews really adorable stuff for her etsy shop and on has "gratitude Fridays." I thought it was such a wonderful way to wrap up ones week and put it into perspective. Thus on my "Grateful Friday..."
I am grateful for:
-Some truly delicious summer moments alone with Mia this week clapping our hands, dancing to Backyardigans theme song, and falling on the floor and laughing (Oh if I can remember this moment forever!)
-Getting to eat non-clear food! Yay!
-Having a sweet hubby who gave me my anniversary present early so that I could craft while sick
-Getting my office finally organized
-Chatting with good girlfriends on the phone
-Reality TV to be there for me when I'm sick! (My TiVo was so considerate of me during my sickness and recorded all my shows plus new ones it thought I might like...they were all ready and waiting on me when I literally couldn't get out of bed.)
-Fabulous finds at Target (including $1.50 placemats that I converted into small on-the-go diaper or travel caddies for future gifts!)
Diaper case idea and how-to at Unnecessary Necessities

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jade said...

what a cute little diaper case! love the colors you used!