Monday, June 8, 2009

A Look Inside...

Confession- I LOVE open windows. I love open houses, visiting friends houses, house tours, etc. I want to look in every cabinet, see how people decorate, open every box. I am so the friend that could possibly look in your bathroom cabinet when I visit your house. I won't read your prescriptions (b/c THAT would be too far, hehe). I really just want to see how you organize it. I'm a bit obsessed with organization.

So, since I love looking in others houses, I thought I'd do a little revealing of my home. I thought I'd start with my office desk. My desk is a bit multi-functional in that it is where I craft and study for my Comprehensive Exams (which are coming up in October...eek!)

So here is my desk area complete with new sewing machine that was my 5 year anniversary gift from hubby. I needed a lamp to read by and so I stole hubby's Texas Tech stained glass lamp that I bought him 6 years ago for his birthday! On the wall I have favorite photos, my summer study schedule, inspirational photos to spark creativity or calmness, and a Winston Churchill poster my hubby took for me off a bulletin board when we were students at Tech. (The poster is Churchill's famous quote, "Never, ever Give Up." He took it for me when I was working on my master's thesis. = )

A closer look at my inspiration wall. Things that provide me inspiration & motivation to go on. Picture of Mia & me at her first picnic, my favorite paint sample, an old postcard of London, and a picture of my niece & nephew.

I got this sign at Hobby Lobby for $2. I thought I needed the inspiration when I'm in "believe you will pass your exams."
New 10" Laptop that I really love, along with my Rosetta stone paperweight from the British Museum, an old sugar jar that I use to store misc buttons, and some of my current favorite books. My latest favorite is What Would Jackie Do? Love it!

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The Smith Family said...

I always look at how people organize too. However, its mainly because I am a beginner as far as organizing and have no clue how to do most of it :) Love your blog by the way! Hope all is well with you and the fam!