Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day in the Life..

I found this print today and it was absolutely a perfect portrayal of my day. I have ironed, done the dishes (more sippy cups than dishes), put laundry out on the line, hand-sewn a project for Mia, cleaned the bathroom, and swiffered the floor! Just a day in the life. If only the print showed the housewife studying for COMPs, then it would have been my entire day!

Here is the "pillow monster" that I finished for Miss Mia today. The monster was not supposed to be a pillow, but Mia kept putting her favorite doll Helga on it to go "night night." So the monster became a pillow with eyes and a crooked smile. Of course, that is how all truly great creations begin! Pillow monster has yet to be named...but for now he's just pillow monster..and Helga's night night toy.

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