Monday, June 1, 2009

The Weekend

What a last few days it has been. To start off with, on Wednesday I finally broke down and went to the doctor after 5 weeks of being sick. I had previously thought I had some horrid virus, but after 5 weeks, I knew it must be something else. So I went to the doctor here in Norman who diagnosed me with 3 ulcers but did not want to give me any medication. He asked, are you stressed? I told him, I am a Ph.D student, with an 18 month old, I am about to take a language proficiency exam, and my Comprehensive exams in October. If I fail them, I have to start all over...yes, I am stressed. So I call my parents, who recommend that I go to a stomach specialist back in Tx. Mom calls them and gets me an appointment for Friday morning. So I drop off Miss Mia, drive over 2.5 hours to Texas, see the specialist. He tells me that I do not have 3 ulcers...whew (I thought)...I have 5 with 60% stomach damage!! He says that I most definitely need some medicine. I also find out that my T-5 and T-6 vertebrae are out of whack. What vertebrae send the nerves to the stomach? 5&6! He asks me if I have had an acidic stomach for awhile. I tell him, almost my entire life! So he gives me medicine, I drive back to Oklahoma, pick up Miss Mia..and then crash.

Saturday, I woke up for the first day in weeks and was not sick! So hubby suggested we hit the lake, which we haven't been it since before Mia was born. When I was pregnant, we went to Lake Murray almost every weekend. I was 8 months pregnant and still kayaking! Mia has yet to be on the water, so we drove down and rented a canoe so we could all be together. Lake Murray is so beautiful, clear enough to see fish swimming below and to collect shells. It also has a great beach and place to swim.
Miss Mia LOVED the water! She was so good. She sat in the bottom of the canoe almost by herself and loved it. We paddled into a few coves, sat in the shade, and Mia put her feet or hands in the water. After canoeing and a small bite of lunch, we took Mia to the beach to play with her new shovel and buckets and swim. She loved it! She sat in the sand for over 2 hours and didn't say a word. She played and dug with me while hubby found beautiful rocks.
Miss Mia slept the entire way home, woke up for supper, and then went back to sleep until 8:30 the next morning! What a weekend!

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Ami said...

I'm so sorry about your stomach/back problems!! OUCH!! I'm glad you are feeling better, though. Take care!!